Feeling shaky after maternity or another long leave? Ride the return-to-work rollercoaster with COMEBACK COACH, the wobbly-bottomed podcast about kick-ass comebacks.

In COMEBACK episodes we hear about the wobbly moments and successes of someone who’s made a comeback. In longer COACH episodes we eavesdrop on a one-time conversation.

Would you like to be our guest?

We love sharing real people’s stories about coming back.  Your experiences could help someone else lose their wobble and make a smoother, happier, more confident return to work. In our COMEBACK episodes guests focus on 1 or 2 aspects of their comeback – see the list below for ideas of what you might talk about. Simply push the “I’d like to be a guest” button and fill out the form. We’ll be in touch.

Would you like a coaching 1:1 with Jessica?

Do you have a challenge or two you’d like to work through in a coaching 1:1 with Jessica Chivers for a COACH episode? We won’t use your surname or name your employer and you can use a different name entirely if you prefer. You could be preparing for leave, getting ready to return or back at work and feeling wobbly. Simply push the “I’d like a coaching 1:1 button” and fil out the form. We’ll be in touch.

Listen now to Comeback Coach

Some topics we’d love to cover on Comeback Coach

Which resonate with you?

  • What to do in your first month back
  • When you don’t want to go back to your job
  • Experiencing a warm welcome back
  • How to get ‘back in the loop’
  • How to get a great work/home balance
  • Rebuilding confidence
  • Establishing your credibility again
  • Expanding your network
  • How to show you’re committed
  • Securing the flexibility you’d like
  • Returning to a new role
  • Working with a new line manager
  • Getting ultra-organised to go back
  • Taking leave as a Partner in a firm
  • Deciding to go self-employed instead
  • When your cover stays in the team
  • Having purpose/meaning at work
  • Imposter feelings
  • Pay and bonus negotiations
  • Finding your way in a new country
  • New found ambition on coming back
  • Losing your mojo
  • Playing to your strengths
  • How to be more strategic/less operational

Specific to maternity/adoption/SPL:

  • Taking less than 12 weeks maternity leave
  • Post-natal depression
  • Coping with sleep deprivation
  • Coming back after a miscarriage
  • Single parenthood
  • Living with an unhelpful partner
  • Relationship breakdown
  • Preferring to be at work than at home
  • Having twins/triplets/more!
  • Babies with disabilities/poor health