Equipping Employees

Providing colleagues with tools to support their transitions in and out of the workplace.

Developing Leaders

Giving line managers the confidence to support team members taking extended leave.

Bitesize Resources

Energising film shorts, audio bites, pithy articles and downloads.

Inclusive Solutions

Available 24/7 to all employees wherever they are and whatever their role.

Watch a sample film from our employee collection.

Watch a sample film from our line manager collection.

I’m a big fan of the Comeback Community. I think it’s a superb idea.”
Jonathan Clarke, HRD Kilburn & Strode LLP

Are you an HR leader or Executive Sponsor tasked with;

  • Retaining talent, reducing attrition
  • Increasing women in leadership
  • Reducing your gender pay gap
  • Stoking the talent pipeline
  • Boosting engagement
  • Improving your employer brand

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